Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: One More Test

This is a totally tablet n00b post all of you long-time tablet owners can go ahead and laugh at.



Digital Comics Museum

I stopped by Best Buy to see if anything was new — like the Tab S2 tablets — and was magnetically attracted back to the Insignia Flex Elite.

Where I forgot everything else I wanted to try and got the notion to try comic books.

Well, I wasn’t registered at DCM, so all I could do was View Image on some preview pages.





And, like a total n00b, I was totally shocked to find the dialogue balloons could be read on an iPad Mini-sized screen!

Up to now, I thought a iPad Air-sized 9.7-inch screen was needed to read comics.

Then I tried a Google Image Search for The King, Jack Kirby, at the height of his powers:




And it won’t be evident on your screen, but on the Insignia Flex Elite those reds popped like crazy!

All of this really excited me.

OK, go ahead and laugh.

But this opens up an iPad Mini-sized tablet to more than just Kindle, ePub, conventional PDFs, and Google Books PDFs for me.

Same-day update: DOH! I did have an account there. I forgot all about it.

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