Insignia Flex Elite: OMA Has Worked

OMA has done something for the Insignia Flex Elite.

But I’m not tech enough to understand what.

First post, second post.

OMA mentions a “strip and repack.” Stripped of what? Repack, I understand.

What I find odd is this screen, About Tablet. I think it’s from Dan EE’s unit (click any to enlarge):


Here are the About Tablet screens from the units I tried at Best Buy (they’re identical to one another):



Let me highlight the differences:


And now with whatever OMA did added:


Despite the different dates, the kernel versions are the same. Does the date indicate when the ROM was flashed?

Whatever OMA did, the server for the kernel is now at Five Technology, not Insignia. But we’ve seen Five mentioned by AnTuTu:


And what’s up with the dates falling on a Wednesday? Does that have any significance or is it coincidental?

And the servers have only two numbers, 10 or 137?

This is over my head.

There aren’t any instructions for using the download in the second post. That would be helpful, as would a list of whatever changes were made.

Let’s hope Dan EE checks back at ARCtablet forum or even here to let everyone know how OMA’s magic does.

Finally, I briefly scanned the logcat Dan EE posted. I really don’t know how to read a logcat and don’t know how it was generated. But it seemed to be filled with many errors and things like “Unknown permission” and “Not granting permission.” DRM was mentioned at the top of it too. And there was a mention of a Best Buy updater — as well as a Rockchip one. Very confusing.

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2 responses to “Insignia Flex Elite: OMA Has Worked

  1. E.T.

    From what I understand they are setting the stage to look at various components of the OS. Afterwards they may be able first to optimize the current OS by minor tweaks (removing apps, fine tuning system settings, etc.). At a later stage (and depending on their ability to uncover all the necessary information) they may be able also to prepare a variant (port) of another Android variant like AOSP or CM to this tablet.

  2. logseman

    Every ROM starts by stripping it from the assets that are not considered necessary. It gives something nice (basically not having to remove crapware yourself) and it anticipates the other improvements that require more time and study of the code.

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