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Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: eMMC Problem, Motherboard WTF

Bad news so far from Dan EE with the OMA ROM attempt.

At the ARCTablet forum:

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Well, that got me wondering about the eMMC hardware being used.

So I called up the FCC Internal Photos [PDF link] and discovered a big WTF I missed earlier.

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FAB 1966!


Congratulations to Stephen La Rivière!

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Thunderbirds 1965 Is Go-Go-Go!
Thunderbirds 1965 Is Now Go-Go!
Thunderbirds 1965 Is Go!
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Thunderbirds 1965
BFI Video: Filmed In Supermarionation
Filmed In Supermarionation: Stephen La Rivière Q&A
Supermarionation Forever

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Hollywood Dementia: No Paywall

Advisory: No More Paywall


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Nikki Finke Returning!
The Second Rise Of Nikki Finke
Welcome Back, Nikki Finke!
Nikki Finke Going Solo Again

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Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: OMA ROM Available

[ RK3288 ROM ] Insignia Flex Elite LP 5.0.2 custom root firmware (2015/08/08)

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