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CUBE: Delay Windows 10 Upgrade



Windows 10 upgrade won’t work because CUBE hasn’t finished all the necessary drivers.

Upgrading to Windows 10 can brick the tablet.

Not fun for owners of CUBE hardware.



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CUBE: August 13



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Teclast X98 Pro iPad Clone Tablet Annnounced


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Blog Notes: Standby

WordPress problem preventing new posts.

Same-day update: WordPress has — without warning — deprecated their Classic Editor by removing buttons from it, forcing everyone to the new shitty editor.

The final days of this blog and my being at WordPress are at hand.

Second same-day update: The buttons in the Classic Editor are back. Was this a temporary glitch or WordPress seeing if people would even notice? But I’ve served my notice here again: If the Classic Editor ever goes away and we must use the new shitty editor, I’m out of here, period.

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Back To School

Presumption of stupitidy

Where companies do things that diverge from what seems smart from the outside, it’s a much better idea to ask why those companies are doing things from the presumption of intelligence and logic rather than the presumption of stupidity. If you don’t ask these questions, you might find yourself making the same decisions, or ending up in the same place with your own set of rationalizations. I see this all the time.

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The New China Syndrome

A Chinese Entrepreneur’s Rude Awakening at a German Manufacturing Fair

I also noticed that many visitors did not trust products made in China. They either showed contempt or were afraid of them. In order to promote our website, we visited all exhibition halls and talked to many customers. Not many people were interested in Chinese companies. They did not pay much attention. Some even said: “We do not do any business with Chinese companies, please stop!”

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True Detective: Season Two Finale


A nation breathes a sigh of relief.

We don’t have to watch any more.

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True Detective

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