First Review: Onda V919 3G Core-M, Dual-OS Android Side


Over at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

The reviewer had to download Android 5.x from Onda’s site and manually flash the firmware with it. This created a dual-OS V919, with both Windows 10 and Android 5.x.

And, of course, all of that Material Design is basically erased under the cover of Onda ROM.

And the Onda ROM/Android 5.x download is not a final version:

It should be noted that the current put out the initial firmware V919 3G Core M suitability is not perfect, yet you can not use some features, such as USB and computer connections can not be used.

Let’s cut to the chase, the AnTuTu screens (click any to enlarge):





Well, take a look at the evaluation of the performance security Bunny ran points score reached a staggering 56971 points.

intel Core M 5Y10C really strong performance, only the dual-core design, but also the frequency range 700MHz-2000GHz, but the performance has been with Qualcomm 810, a popular flagship core Samsung Exynos 7410 more considerably higher frequency.

Specific scoring performance of all aspects of Onda V919 3G Core M are high, especially I / O performance, thanks to the SSD SATA3 interface, read and write performance of multiple cell phones and ordinary flat eMMC memory chips used.

So in the experience, even more than 1GB of large-scale 3D games, V919 3G Core M installation speed is very fast.

It’s not the 61,000-range Onda claimed. But perhaps they were using a more final firmware. Harumph.

People salivating over this for games need to keep this in mind:

But there may be compatibility problems, because Android 5.0 system abandoned the previous version of the Dalvik virtual machine, and the case ART default mode, so part of the software, the game may appear unstable and incompatible.

And, for games, it’s Not All that:

Basketball game masterpiece “NBA2K15”, the game capacity is very large, but thanks V919 3G Core M’s SATA3 SSD hard drive, install fast.

Games up and running normal, but in terms of fluency, starting animation is somewhat Caton, but game speed is normal, will not significantly affect the gaming experience.

And lesser games have problems:

In addition, I also tested some of the stand-alone casual puzzle games, such as stand-alone Landlords, fishing up to people, Bubble Bobble, Zombies 2 and so on, sorry that these stand-alone game does not work correctly under Android 5.0.

Probably due to Dalvik versus ART?

I’m not yet convinced that this is worth the price of 2,999 yuan …


… or even the current back-to-school promotional price (probably available only in China) of 1,999 yuan:


I’ll wait for some forum posts and videos from actual users.

Also, this is getting confusing. Some reports call this the V919 3G Core-M and some call it the V919 3G Air Core-M.

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6 responses to “First Review: Onda V919 3G Core-M, Dual-OS Android Side

  1. Rob

    Welcome to Ondaland …
    Don’t forget to visit the Antutu sideshow .
    An adventure filled with lasting memories

    Intel lists Core M as 2 core / 4 thread …

    Thank you for all the informative posts …
    keep up the good work

  2. Harry

    I just received mine. love it except the bluetooth is not working. Hopefully can resolve that.

  3. JOHN

    Just got mine and it’s a dud. Wifi is extremely weak as in virtually non-existant. I don’t have this problem with my V919 Air 3g duo boot 21gig. It’s as if the antennas aren’t connected. So now the fun begins trying to get service from China.

    • Harry

      I did a reset as suggested by banggood and now the screen won’t rotate. So I have two issues now. I will be doing a return. I actually do like the tablet but I think I will stick with american pc from now on. :(

      • Never buy the first batch. In the rush to get units made, QC seems to always suffer. Also, Onda has a rep for doing internal hardware revisions.

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