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ZUK Z1 Phone: International Version



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Vido: Windows 10 WiFi Problem, Remix OS Installation

Both of these are specific to the Vido M9i tablet, but might provide guidance for others.

Windows 10 WiFi driver update instructions [Google Translate — does not display images]

Remix OS dual-OS installantion [Google Translate — does not display images]

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Two More Reviews: Onda V919 3G Core-M Dual-OS Version

The first is at Digi163 [Google Translate].


“Onda V919 3G Core M” after upgrading the dual system on Windows10 desktop of the system will be an Android robot icon, this is the switch to the Android system shortcut icon, click the icon to pop a dialog box appears, click OK you can easily switch to the system is running Android5.0 system, switching time soon, switching time is about 18 seconds, it reflects the Intel Core M processor, 4GB of memory and ultra-fast SSD SATA3 SSDs luxury The powerful.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Samsung’s Own HP Slate 21

Exclusive: Samsung is working on a huge Android tablet with an 18.4-inch display

According to the information that we’ve received, the SM-T670, which is codenamed ‘Tahoe’, is an Android 5.1 Lollipop-based tablet with an 18.4-inch display. It will feature a TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, an octa-core 64-bit 1.6GHz Exynos 7580 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, a microSD card slot (supporting up to 128GB cards), and a 5,700 mAh battery. It will also come with an 8-megapixel primary camera and a 2.1-megapixel secondary camera. It will be 451.8 mm wide, 275.8 mm tall, and 11.9 mm thick.

That two gigs of RAM is a big, big mistake. So is the 32GBs of internal storage.

Since Samsung rents space in Best Buy, at least this will have a chance of being seen by the public. Unlike the HP Slate 21.

I’d want to do my Google Books PDF tests on this.

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