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Asus ZenPad S 8.0 (Basic): PDF Test, Video Test

See three videos after the break.

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iambillbil: Atom Versus Core-M

Interesting post over at IMP3Net in which iambillbil compares the Intel Atom 3735f and 3736f to the Intel Core-M CPU [Google Translate].

He also debunks the marketing hype that compared the 3736f to the 3735f.

The bottom line is still the same: RAM speed and bandwidth.

Previously here:

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iambillbil Reviews 2014 CPUs
Again: Avoid All Chinese Retina-Class Tablets
SDK 2.0 Can’t Fix Chinese Retina-Class Tablet Hardware Limits
Retina-Class Screen Tablets From China: Avoid

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Reminder: See TechTablets Site

China tablets are becoming less interesting and I’m less interested in them these days. My coverage of them will be coming to an end by the end of this year.

Bookmark and check out TECHTablets.

Hendrickson keeps up with the kind of China tablets most people are still interested in.

His YouTube channel has coverage of both the new Teclast X98 Pro and the Onda V919 3G Core-M tablets.

I think the iPad has an insurmountable lead over Android and will probably remain that way for some time. When I’m at Best Buy, I see people buying Android craptabs. They’re being fooled by price, ignoring quality altogether. This is not good for Android. Tablets aren’t like cheap phones, where Xiaomi and Asus can provide quality products at below-average prices. Cheap tablets are basically nasty. Asus has a job to do, to change that perception.


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Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: Sample Video

See it and weep after the break.

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