Reminder: See TechTablets Site

China tablets are becoming less interesting and I’m less interested in them these days. My coverage of them will be coming to an end by the end of this year.

Bookmark and check out TECHTablets.

Hendrickson keeps up with the kind of China tablets most people are still interested in.

His YouTube channel has coverage of both the new Teclast X98 Pro and the Onda V919 3G Core-M tablets.

I think the iPad has an insurmountable lead over Android and will probably remain that way for some time. When I’m at Best Buy, I see people buying Android craptabs. They’re being fooled by price, ignoring quality altogether. This is not good for Android. Tablets aren’t like cheap phones, where Xiaomi and Asus can provide quality products at below-average prices. Cheap tablets are basically nasty. Asus has a job to do, to change that perception.


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3 responses to “Reminder: See TechTablets Site

  1. Robert Jasiek

    The iPad Air 2 has a very good design, good hardware and a display with reduced mirroring but is missing file manager and USB port. Without the missing parts, it would be worth its price. Probably we will be able to say the same about the iPad Mini 4. iPads are for consumption of single files but not for serious productive work with many files.

    4:3 Chinaware with Android or dual boot Windows is lottery. For some companies, the lottery is better for the endconsumer than for other companies. I have yet to see a reliable review of such tablets’ WLAN and display outdoors – all reviews at best confirm reasonable indoor use with intermediate battery duration.

    4:3 from well known companies with Android suffer first of all from Android itself: missing security, updates and privacy are the “standard” accompanied by crapware and crap-GUIs. People not caring about these aspects and otherwise liking Android find dubious tablets (Miix 3 or Nexus 9), hard-to-buy tablets (Nokia N1, Jolla), low-end tablets (HP, Asus), new tablets with 3 years old features (Samsung Tab A with XGA but 16h battery duration, if this or the optional digitizer convince) and the Samsung Tab S2 (QXGA but mirroring, thin and light but tests need to assess the battery duration, no digitizer).

    Windows has the Surface 3 with stable build quality but even this tablet suffers from being designed as table-bound, mirroring display and battery replacement equalling display destruction. Then there will be the HP Tablet 608 with impressive specifications but whose sharp price will need to be justified by limited display mirroring and available battery replacements – tests and HP information will show.

    Still I do not know which will be my first tablet… None fulfils half of what I really want. Even if I buy three tablets, I cannot fulfil all my needs. Tablets have been improving all the time but very slowly. CPUs are good enough but company mismanagements prevent the birth of the ultimate dream tablet – the hybrid of Apple (design and display), Microsoft (operating system and usage), Dell (replacable battery and WLAN quality) and Sony (waterproof).

  2. Daniel

    The YouTube channel will end or online the website?

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