Sony: No More Baloney

Android 5.1 Lollipop certified for Xperia C3 and T2 Ultra (19.4.A.0.180)

I have bashed Sony again and again for its stupid moves in the eBook and TV markets.

So it’s only fair that I praise them again and again for the recent moves they’ve been making with phones.

The T2 Ultra — which is hardly on sale anywhere any more — is going to be getting Android 5.1!

Whoever it is at Sony who is making these moves deserves a raise. He’s instilling customer confidence in their phone division. It seems the days of abandoning customers — at least with phones — are over.

Now, if only the upcoming Z5 Ultra was a six-inch screen instead of just 5.5-inches! Well, at least bring the C5 Ultra to the U.S.!

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2 responses to “Sony: No More Baloney

  1. john

    you asked how the camera was on the T2 ultra. I find it takes great pics. and when the phone is turned sideways, the buttons on the right side start to feel like a camera when they are at the top of the phone sideways…although it’s an illusion since a tap of the screen is the way to grab the pic. zooming in deep can be a little grainy but otherwise, i’m more than satisfied with the phone. even the blocky size since it’s so thin. it feels like a thin slab to grab, but in a good way. I never feel like i’m going to drop it.

    last I checked, the phone is still available on best buy online at $249.

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