Nexus 8 Photos Leaked: Yes, It’s From Colorfly

Via PadNews [Google Translate]:



ZOL has the same damn post (use Chrome to translate), word-for-word, so it’s unsure which site is copying.

But then IMP3Net solves it all by giving proper attribution [Google Translate]:


“Colorful” is Colorfly.

So Colorfly sent out a damn press release to China tech sites leaking their own damn Nexus 8 tablet!

How’s that for keeping a secret?

Anyway, despite the weird angle of the shot, Phone Arena says it’s a 4:3 tablet:

UPDATE: According to another report, the image that we are looking at is a “dummy” of the Nexus 8 tablet. This same report says that the length of the dummy as measured by the ruler in the picture, dovetails perfectly with an 8-inch screen carrying a 4:3 aspect ratio.

So, kids, Google is jumping in the cheap-ass iPad Mini clone pool along with HP and Insignia and bottom-feeders like eMatic, Archos, and, at one time, Coby.

All we still need to know is which CPU is in it. MediaTek? Allwinner?

I think all will be revealed soon enough.

Given the Nexus branding, this will likely be bought like crazy by the XDA Developers crowd — if only out of curiosity and as a challenge. So anyone who’s been wondering about buying the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 should wait. XDA Developers will get the Nexus 8 rooted and customized in no time.

And yes, I expect this to have a Retina-class screen. Google might be entering the cheap-ass iPad Mini clone market, but I don’t think they’d do it with a 1024 x 768 screen. That’d just be undignified.

Previously here:

New Nexus 8: iPad Mini Clone From Colorfly?!


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