First Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7-inch) Review

The Galaxy Tab S2 is so thin and light that it almost seems like someone digitized a piece of paper. This is one gorgeous display, too. The Super AMOLED screen delivers richer colors and deeper blacks than the iPad Air 2. The tablet is especially compelling if you own both a Samsung phone and a Samsung TV, because of how well this tablet’s software integrates with those devices. But even if you don’t live in Samsung world, you’ll appreciate this slate’s multitasking performance when using features like multiwindow.

What keeps the Tab S2 from being an Editors’ Choice pick is its below-average battery life.

Of course, 7.5 hours isn’t bad, but other tablets with the same size display last 9 hours or longer on a charge.

No AnTuTu score, but other benchmarks were done.

It’s supposed to be in stores (read: Best Buy) this Thursday, September 3rd. I doubt I’ll be rushing to a store to get disappointed by their absence. I’ll wait.

Samsung got their new phones in Best Buy the day of their announcement. I don’t think they care that much about tablets.



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3 responses to “First Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

  1. Robert Jasiek

    I want
    – the iPad Air 2 for its reduced display mirroring
    – the Samsung Tab A for its battery life
    – the Samsung Tab S2 for its weight
    – a Dell for a replacable battery and good WLAN range
    – a Windows 10 Pro tablet for its file management
    – an ebook reader for its matte display.

    I do not want
    – the iPad Air 2 for its missing file manager
    – the Samsung Tab A for its low resolution
    – the Samsung Tab S2 for its short battery life
    – a Dell for its display aspect ratio
    – a Windows 10 Pro tablet for, e.g., its unreplacable battery
    – an ebook reader for its missing functionality.

    Sigh. Each tablet with a major advantage also comes with at least one major disadvantage. A tablet must be good in every important respect – not only good for a few aspects presented in the advertisements. This is so because a tablet is not a desktop PC, which can be assembled suitably by oneself. A tablet is a final product and must be perfect on arrival. Why do the companies not understand this?

    Samsung should be offering the hybrid of Tab A and Tab S2: intermediate weight, thickness and battery life, with digitizer, with sufficient pixel density and of course with a 4:3 display.

    The major disadvantages mean that I buy neither the Tab A nor the Tab S2. Ok, maybe I will buy a Tab A at EUR 150. We all know that Samsung tablets drop in prices after some time. A good price can compensate some disadvantages. Otherwise, my last hope is the HP Tablet 608 if they fix the Windows 10 drivers and a reduced display mirroring should justify its price.

  2. E Mach

    Yeah, it seems like this is going to be another “It’s really nice, but…..” tabs. Guess I will stick with my Tab S for now. Was hoping for some small miracle of awesome battery life.

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