How It Works In The Real World

IFA is this week and there’s already been a bunch of product announcements.

Announce any damn thing you want, companies. But if you can’t get it on the shelves of a physical store, it doesn’t matter.

Here is the dream world of the so-called Rational Techie:

1) Product announcement

2) Read Internet hype

3) Compare specs to current devices

4) Decide to buy

5) Note launch date

6) Order online

7) Boom. Done.

8) Return to Amazon/vendor if disappointed

Now here is the godawful real world of the Buying Public:

1) Wander aisles of Best Buy

2) Find tablet displays

3) Be confused as hell

4) Judge by price

5) “It looks like an iPad Mini, for just US$99!”

6) Ask salesdroid, who knows nothing

7) Buy shit iPad Mini clone (or other craptab)

8) Regret in leisure, feel like a sucker

9) Never return it to Best Buy because fuck it, that’s a trip

So if your hot new product isn’t on the shelf at Best Buy, evicting the bottom-feeding crap, forget your chances.



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5 responses to “How It Works In The Real World

  1. Robert Jasiek

    I live in Berlin, but nothing excites me enough to go to IFA. No new iPads, Surfaces, HPs, Dells will be there. Salesmen at IFA know almost nothing (only the big stores offer more desinformation). Exciting products (except for Panasonic) are missing and shown only in Asia. So why should I go, spend EUR 20 and waste a full day?

    • Maybe go see the Archos Diamond Tab and see if it’s worth even 20EUR? You could do a post for here. I can’t help being curious until it pops up on the FCC site and I know the manufacturer.

  2. Robert Jasiek

    According to “Leider spiegelt die Anzeige stark. In unserem Falle können wir die halbe Messebeleuchtung im kompakten Display sehen. Diesen Umstand teilt sich das Archos Diamond Tab aber mit den meisten Tablet-Computern dieser Welt.” (“Unfortunately, the display mirrors strongly. In our case, we can see half of the [huge hall’s] lights in the compact display. The Archos Diamond Tab, however, shares this with most of the tablet computers in this world.”) You might try Google Translate for “Der verbaute Mediatek-Prozessor […] hat im Hands-On keinerlei Probleme, genügend Leistung zu Verfügung zu stellen. Selbst als wir mehrere Apps im Hintergrund laufen lassen, kommt es nicht zu Mikrorucklern oder Ähnlichem. Spiele haben wir nicht ausprobiert. […] Laut Archos ist das Diamond Tab ab Oktober, zunächst ausschließlich über die Hersteller-Webseite, in Deutschland erhältlich.”.

    • Thanks. Looks thick and they also say it’s heavy. No FCC marking on back. Probably never coming to U.S..

    • “The built-in Mediatek processor has no issues in the hands on and provides enough processing power. When we started to let run apps in the background it didn’t stutter or lag. We have not tried games. According to Archos the tablet will be available in October in Germany, exclusively on the maker’s site.”

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