Post-Fondle Thoughts About The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

Updated Saturday September 5 2015

Well, SmartQ Reader was a vast disappointment!

But there’s a story behind it.

It’s this:

Click = big

I just tried accessing it via my notebook from APK Downloader and that’s the same damned error message I was getting at Best Buy.

So last night at Best Buy I downloaded it from another site I had no prior experience with.

And that version was 7.1.1. But the Google Play Store version is 7.3.2_build04221742.

Perhaps that accounts for the rotten performance on the Samsung?

I don’t know why APK Downloader suddenly decided not to fetch the APK after doing so several times before.

Anyway, I’ve since fetched what I hope is a pure APK of the latest version and put it in my Google Drive, updating the Google Books PDF Test page with the alternate link too. I will have another go at it. [Update: see Google Books PDF Test: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2]

As for the tablet itself …

There is just no damn comparison between it and the Asus ZenPad S 8.0 and the Insignia Flex Elite.

The screen is very, very responsive. The build quality — despite all the plastic — screams World Class. The matte plastic back has a nice grippy texture to it without resorting to the tasteless crosshatching on the Asus. It feels better than the aluminum of the Insignia Flex Elite.

The Super AMOLED screen is killer. But I have to point out that when viewed at a sharp angle, whites tend to become bluish.

The few websites I tried rendered quickly and correctly. I need to do a more thorough test of that, however, including having many tabs open at once.

I don’t like the on-screen keyboard. We just don’t get along. One of my post titles from last night had a typo in it I didn’t even catch until today, and another had a typo in the text. At least I know I can replace the included on-screen keyboard.

The 43,000-range AnTuTu score is a disappointment after being told earlier it was 10,000-points higher. But this score is subject to revision. The damn Samsung Retail Demo app kept popping up. I need to go into the task manager and see if I can kill that app and run AnTuTu again.

But if it turns out to be 43,000-range, that’s a problem. Because that’s the AnTuTu score, more or less, that the Asus ZenPad S 8.0 “Pro/Plus” model is expected to have too. And it’s US$100 less. I haven’t encountered that tablet version in any store yet. [Update: see True AnTuTu Score For Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0]

Overshadowing all this is Apple. Next week the iPad Mini revision is announced If it’s truly an “iPad Air mini,” that’ll be tough for Samsung. See:

Google Books PDF Test: iPad Air 2
PDF Tests: iPad Air 2

And I might have to start considering what to do without microSD card storage …

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