BAM! Blu Products Brings Gionee ELife E8 Superphone To U.S.

I woke up today to see this as the first tech news item. This is more exciting to me than any new iPhone announced later today:


BLU Products and MediaTek Partner on the BLU Pure XL Flagship Smartphone Device, First in the US Containing MediaTek’s Flagship Helio X10

The BLU Pure XL is the first U.S. smartphone to include MediaTek’s premium Helio X10 chipset, a 64-bit True Octa-core LTE smartphone SoC designed for both extreme performance and power efficiency. The BLU Pure XL will highlight a 6.0-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display paired with an industry leading 24 Megapixel Camera. It will go on sale exclusively on on September 29 at a price of $349.00, unlocked, with 4G LTE support nationwide on T-Mobile and AT&T Networks.


I mentioned this phone in prior posts:

Gionee ELife E8: Six-Inch Phone

Gionee E8 Superphone: US$644.00

Gionee E8 Superphone Gets A Review

That last link is one of the first reviews, which also published the AnTuTu score:



I have to admit that after doing those three posts, I forgot all about the phone. June to September is a damned long interval in Internet Time.

This is a lustworthy phone. I think I want it, but will wait for actual user reports and reviews first.



Blu Pure XL website

Same-day update: GizChina is amazed.

Gionee Elife E8 gets rebranded as the BLU Pure XL with new lower price


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One response to “BAM! Blu Products Brings Gionee ELife E8 Superphone To U.S.

  1. jimberkas

    i agree. can’t seem how BLU is selling so much cheaper than Gionee, but I’m not complaining. its bigger than I like, but so tempting…

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