Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: Standby Battery Drain

Over at XDA Developers, FreeTim said:

It’s fast and snappy. Display is crisp & nice and bright and is the perfect size. I too am seeing unexpected battery drain overnight (losing 50% of battery) while the tablet is sleeping. I wish the battery lasted longer on standby as my needs are to read to fall asleep and then wake up and study – the Tab A has a longer lasting battery than this. Takes a long time to boot up if it’s entirely shut down. It refuses to run Netflix either in the Netflix app nor in the browser. I have all the latest updates of the OS plus Netflix but it’s not working. It’s a shame but I am today returning it to BestBuy due to the Netflix issue which I consider a core app. WINS: Display is awesome and CPU speed is very good! CONS: Won’t play Netflix, battery life is weak, takes long to boot up.

I’m not surprised. There has to be some phone bits inside the Rockchip — or Lightcomm, or Five Technology — Android that haven’t been taken out. This has been the cause of standby battery drain from other China-originated tablets too. The phone bits keep searching for a signal, I think. Then again, given the borkiness of the update checking, it could be the damn tablet is constantly phoning home to see if an update is available. I wonder if going into Airplane Mode — turning off all of the radios — would improve things?

Over at the Best Buy listing, the same FreeTim (as TimFree) also wrote:

If I use right after charging it’s fine for a few hours so for commuting or using on airplane or around the office it’s fine. I wish it offered an ultra-power-saving mode (black/white screen etc) like the competitors do, for the rare case when I’m stuck in airport for a long time.

The Netflix app for some reason does not work at all after the main menu, it just says, “Loading” when you try to play any title (works fine on my other devices.) I have the latest O/S as of this writing and the most updated Netflix app. This is the sort of thing that we hope the developers at Insignia will fix with a software update in the near future, we’ll see.

If I shut it down (instead of sleep) it takes longer than my Macbook air to boot up. If you most often ‘sleep’ and not power-off completely this is not any issue, but it consumes battery in ‘sleep’ mode.

OVERALL YES I DO LIKE IT – It is very snappy fast CPU touch screen and response, faster than my phone and pictures come out great. I have added a 32GB memory card and it is working fine. The 7.8 inch screen size is perfect for me – Kindle reading or language learning I use Busuu app, not too small to read and it is the right size to use while commuting on a bus. Very bright and can be viewed from any angle. I reduce brightness to save battery or use the auto-brightness setting.

I use a Logitech bluetooth headphone set H800 and it works fine for me!

I installed:
Evernote, Busuu language learning, Kindle, Mint, AngryBirds, Minions games, they all work fine!

While I like it overall, Netflix not working is a huge blocker I won’t recommend this to a friend, unless a patch comes out to fix it. I consider NetFlix to be a core app.

Also at the listing, a second customer has mentioned YouTube being out of sync:

I was totally excited to find a tablet with such a high resolution screen at a nice price. Its the perfect size for reading, surfing the web, all that good stuff. However, I’m not able to watch YouTube videos. The video does not sync correctly with the sound or vice versa. I tried about 20 videos and every single time the sound did not sync. it was totally frustrating I was hoping I could use this tablet on vacation while lounging at the beach at the pool but I find myself turning it off a lot just to preserve the battery.

Note to Best Buy- YouTube is the number 2 ranked search result in Google. How did you release this without testing it? Is there going to be a fix for YouTube? Another reviewer was having issues with Netflix will that be fixed?

*If these two issues were fixed this would be 5 stars for sure.

I just want to add that the BestBuy Sales Rep was totally nice and assisted me right away as they always do.

I have to admit, I didn’t try more than one YouTube video in my testing. It looked to play just fine. I’ll have to try others, I guess.

But another customer, in an earlier review, found a fix for YouTube:

YouTube had a severe syncing issue with video and audio. I went into developer mode and disabled the beta media player and it seems to have fixed that issue.

Over at Yahoo Answers, I did my bit.

Insignia flex elite cannot read files?

My insignia flex elite android tablet won’t or can’t read files from the SD card I put in it. It only goes as far as to show the file on the screen whether it is a PDF file or text or jpeg. But I need to open text files or word documents to edit them but the tablet only says “can’t read file”

I tried downloading all kinds of apps to read and/or open the various files but the apps won’t open the documents and files I have on the SD card. Help!!

I replied:

Try formatting the card as NTFS.

And cited the XDA Developers post.

I think the same guy is also looking for a good notepad-like app: What’s a good notepad app for android?

I’d like to see recommendations for that too. I otherwise have no answer.

There’s no other new posts at XDA. And nothing new at ARCTablet forum, either.

Which is unfortunate. If OMA’s firmware could be flashed to it, I think we’d see an improvement in battery life and probably more too. What potential is being wasted!

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  1. Can you simplify an easy way to lengthen battery life on my Insignia Flex Elite? I had a stroke and have trouble understanding lengthy documents.

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