Teclast X98 Air III Announced










699 yuan is the special début price.

This is Android-only.

Let’s see what reviews say.

I’m actually surprised to see Teclast do another one.

Taobao listing

For anyone who needs a reminder of the performance of the Intel Z3735F CPU, it has an AnTuTu score in the 30,000-range. See also these prior posts:

Intel CPU Cheatsheet
iambillbil Calls Out Intel’s Z37xx CPUs
Colorfly i977A 3G Gets A Review
iambillbil: Atom Versus Core-M

This tablet isn’t yet listed at Teclast’s English-language site.

Those interested should be aware of the list of Teclast international sellers.

Does anyone have any interest in this? Is the price tempting or surprising?



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4 responses to “Teclast X98 Air III Announced

  1. gorka

    price is tempting. the device offers a good quality screen and it seems to be the bang for the buck

  2. JimBobVII

    Seems cheaper than what the Air II started at… but I’m pretty sure the Air II and 3G both used the 3736F. Unless there’s an updated version of the 3735F that actually has better graphics, this seems more like a budget version of the Air II/3G rather than a new version. There’s not even an iPad Air 3 to capitalize on.

    For the time being I’m happy enough with my Air II, and if I needed an upgrade I’d move on to the X98 Pro over the Air III.

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