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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0: Screen Roulette

This weekend I tried as many Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 as I could find in NYC stores. That’s basically Best Buy and Barnes & Noble (Staples isn’t stocking the S2 yet, at least that I’ve found).

Yes, it is possible to get one with a screen that stays primarily white.

But then there are some that turn absolutely sickly blue when the screen is tilted even at a shallow angle.

Whether a screen turns blue or not doesn’t depend on any Display Settings. It’s the screen hardware itself, not any software setting, that creates the blue.

I tried to find a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 for a screen comparison. That was a failure. Samsung has done a very good job of purging that tablet from stores. Maybe they were afraid of such a comparison?

Anyway, I grabbed a Dell Venue 8 7000/7840 and BAM! Its screen (Super AMOLED? AMOLED? Dell now says just OLED) goes blue when tilted too.

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Appleholes: Just STFU Now And Go Away



By “some idiots,” does he mean the Apple assholes who bombed this blog with their anti-stylus Comments back when the Sony Reader T1 was announced?

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Onda V919 3G Core-M Has 60,000-Range AnTuTu And Too Many Problems


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Videos: Blu Pure XL Superphone


I’m looking forward to this phone. Well, all the reviews and user reports. No matter how tempting, never buy first.

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MediaTek’s DecaCore CPU, The Helio X20: Will It Mean New China Tablets?

Xiaomi, HTC & Meizu To Use Helio X20 10-core chip, First Phones Coming in October

With three name manufacturers scheduled to release phones with it, it’s time to bring it up here.

If the pre-release hype is to be believed, this is a monster of a CPU, that outscores just about everything currently being used. (I say “just about” because we don’t yet know what Apple’s new A9x in the iPad Pro will do.)

MediaTek has clearly left behind Rockchip, Allwinner, and ACTIONS with this CPU. And Intel needs to throw more money around in China if they want their CPUs to stay alive.

If Onda, Teclast, Colorfly, Xiaomi, and others incorporate this CPU into tablets, it’ll frankly make life hell for me. Because I’ll need to see how it performs with Google Books PDFs. I hope Hendrickson over at TECHTablets is seeing this post. Hint, hint.


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