Videos: Blu Pure XL Superphone


I’m looking forward to this phone. Well, all the reviews and user reports. No matter how tempting, never buy first.

Unfortunately, the camera already seems disappointing …


… that is the saddest-ass HDR photo I think I’ve ever seen.

The Pure XL — and it’s the Pure XL, not the Life Pure XL (that’s a different phone) — next to the Nexus 6:


Custom Home screen swipe-up selections:


Now the videos:

Previously here:

BAM! Blu Products Brings Gionee ELife E8 Superphone To U.S.
Gionee E8 Superphone Gets A Review
Gionee E8 Superphone: US$644.00Gionee ELife E8: Six-Inch Phone


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2 responses to “Videos: Blu Pure XL Superphone

  1. George Parrott

    Seems like what I am looking for, But it is now Oct. 6 and it is not yet available on Amazon. What gives?

    • Since I’ve had less time online lately, I haven’t been able to keep up to date with Blu. According to their Twitter, there’s a delay:

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