iOS 9: Today Is The Day To See This Multitasking Video


That’s frikkin iBooks up there under his finger!

And since Safari also does split screen, I should be able to have Safari open to the Google Books page and iBooks open next to it. Ideally, I should be able to open a Google Books PDF in iBooks without exiting Safari.

I will find that out later today. It’s my plan to try it at an Apple Store on an iPad Air 2.

Now I understand Slideover. I was able to do the same thing with Hackmaster on a Palm III.

daMemoPad over a Launcher

It’s about time an iPad could do it too!

While this looks neither as flexible nor as powerful as MultiView on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, you just know developers will support the hell out of it.

Meanwhile, SmartQ Reader cannot do MultiView on the S2.

I hope to have a new Google Books PDF test post up later today with iOS MultiView multitasking. With the camera still being MIA, it’ll be a collection of screensnaps.

Unless, hmmmm, could I grab a nearby iPad and do a video? We’ll see. They might drag me out of the Apple Store!


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