Screens: Tab 8.4 Versus S2

If you want to see obsolete technology, go to a Staples.

That’s where I finally encountered the now-rare Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

In short: There is no way in hell Samsung can convince me the Tab S2 series uses the same screen technology as the 8.4!

The colors on the 8.4 pop unlike anything else.

The colors seem to be painted on top of the glass screen.

The brightness is incredible.

It has a WOW! Factor.

It does not turn a goddammed sickly blue at an angle!

While good, the S2 screen is just lacking after the screen of the 8.4. And with that lacking, Samsung has allowed the iPad Mini 4 to become a contender for my ultimate purchase decision.

And in terms of build, the 8.4 feels like it’s worth US$399, unlike the S2 8.0.

Previously here:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0: Screen Roulette

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