Google Books PDF Test: iPad Mini 4 With iOS 9

This post will be shorter than the one for the iPad Air 2, despite the fact the test was even bigger.

I just didn’t take screensnaps of everything.

Surface Japan:


Enlarge that to see how slowly the thumbnail images are rendering!

It’s not the full power of the iPad Air 2 for sure:


Enlarge that to see most of the text is still blurry. It takes maybe an entire second for sharp text.

With the full 290-megabyte PDF of The American Magazine, the thumbnail rendering takes more time …


… and the spinner pops up:


Hopping from page to page via thumbnail will sometimes make that appear. It’s annoying but not entirely frustrating. At least not in this test. I don’t now how that would go in actual intense use.

But hopping from page to page is mostly spinner-free:



I wouldn’t use an iPad Mini-sized tablet for something like The American Magazine. Such PDFs with large page sizes are maybe five to ten percent of the Google Books PDFs I have. Everything else would work on a Mini-sized tablet just fine in terms of being able to read the text.

Although I didn’t take screensnaps — the Apple Store was a pressure-filled environment, with theft alarms going off (could people not wait to pay?) — but I also tried these:

Fairy Tales from the Far North [30 MBs]

The People of the Abyss [7 MBs]

Thunderbirds Are Go 1966 [48 MBs]

The Thinking Machine [3.5 MBs]

LIFE July 1969 Moon (Retina?) [31.5 MBs]

New Gods [14 MBs]

Everything was fast and smooth. No issues whatsoever except for New Gods, which seems horizontally stretched. I brought that up in an earlier post. Since it’s a fan-made PDF, I chalk it up to an error in the making of the PDF itself.

And yeah, I did do these tests in various views too:


In short, while the Mini 4 is not a shrunken iPad Air 2, it’s significantly more powerful than the iPad Mini 3 it’s replacing.

So, it’s an iPad Mini 4?

This post is done, but my thinking is not.

Previously here:

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