MiPad 2: Intel CPU, Dual-OS, September 22



That’s an illustration, not the MiPad 2.



If it’s really in the TENAA database, a leak of that could happen anytime this weekend.

Dual-OS points to a widescreen tablet. And a huge defeat for Lei Jun’s vision of leading the way with Android tablets at 4:3 aspect ratio.

Let’s see whose dual-OS scheme they use. Or will Xiaomi have rolled their own?

It’s improbable that I’ll have any interest in this tablet.

I hope, however, this will finally be the China tablet that Steve “Chippy” Paine gets interested in and reviews. He once bought some Android tablets from China. So far, nothing for Windows or dual-OS. He is The Man when it comes to Windows tablets.

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2 responses to “MiPad 2: Intel CPU, Dual-OS, September 22

  1. Dual OS doesn’t really force widescreen. There’s more than a handful of 4:3 tablets with dualboot, like the Teclast X98 family, the X89 and the Onda V919. If it’s dual boot though, let us hope they allot enough storage space. A 32 GB dual boot tablet leaves VERY little space to the user, and given how feature-heavy MIUI is I’d wager it’d strangle the Android portion quickly.

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