Onda Floods Own Site With New Tablets

Just look at this, at the Onda site:


I’m not going to look at each damn listing and try to figure out the differences. Onda just doesn’t matter that much to me. And for those who are interested, go have some fun.

But that’s not all. There are two more.


IMP3Net reports on two new Onda tablets:

Google Translate: Onda V919 Air CH 9.7 inches of new exposure

Google Translate: Cherry Trail core Onda V820w CH exposure

The second is an eight-inch. I won’t waste electrons on an illustration.

As it turns out, due to #FuckCancer, yesterday was a day I had to skip Weibo. TECHTablets informs me Onda announced the 9.7-inch one there yesterday. This is why all of you should be bookmarking that site to read after I stop my own checking of China.

Previously here:

Onda Announces “Black & Gold” Tablets

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One response to “Onda Floods Own Site With New Tablets

  1. Svetozar Ganchev

    Terrible, just terrible, even if some of these devices have some potential, they will never get proper software support, neither will their CPUs. I tried giving chinese tech a chance several times, but there is always some disappointment, usually with software and of course quality

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