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Video: Asus ZenPad S 8.0 “Pro”


The same AnTuTu score range as the iPad Mini 4.

As if the two can really be compared. But still.

Anyway, see a thankfully hyperactive demo and test video after the break.

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iPad Mini 4: 46,000-Range AnTuTu


See the annoying video — with other benchmarks too — after the break.

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Some More About The iPad Mini 4

Ars Technica: iPad Mini 4 review: A lighter, faster tablet with a better screen

The iPad Mini 4 is what Apple should have put out last year as the iPad Mini 3.

Yes. One day, a smug misstep like that will be the start of Apple’s downfall.

iMore: iPad mini 4 evolution

That’s basically a photo comparison of various iPad models.

And I must agree with him: I’m liking the Tyrant Gold color. Trust me, I’m more surprised by that than any of you could ever be.

Previously here:

Let’s Compare iPad Mini 4 And Clones Weights


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iOS Pro: The Drumbeat Begins …

iOS Pro, part one

iOS 9, in anticipation of the iPad Pro, adds split-screen multitasking. It’s clear a lot of thought went into this particular approach, and it’s naturally much cleaner than wrangling a mess of floating windows. But it has one major drawback that stems from the very core of the iOS app-centric model.

It’s actually a little absurd: In the on-stage demos, Microsoft’s Kirk Konigsbauer demonstrates the ease with which you can load up a Word document and a PowerPoint deck side-by-side. What he doesn’t show is that the moment you want to load a second Word document into that other pane, something possible since Microsoft’s Multiple Document Interface in the late 1980s, iOS will stop you: There’s simply no way to do it, because the app-centric paradigm of iOS has no room for document-level UI separation.

He goes on to illustrate a Sildeover side panel file picker.

Something the marvelous Blogsy app for iOS has had for quite some time.


Get out more. I don’t own an iPad and even I knew that.

Previously here:

iOS Pro Coming? I Think So.

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R.I.P. Writer Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins, Best-Selling Novelist, Dies at 77

Jackie Collins, the best-selling British author who took readers into the glamorous and often steamy world of Hollywood, died of breast cancer on Saturday in Los Angeles. She was 77.

With over half a billion books sold, she was doing something people liked.

Rest in peace.

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