Some More About The iPad Mini 4

Ars Technica: iPad Mini 4 review: A lighter, faster tablet with a better screen

The iPad Mini 4 is what Apple should have put out last year as the iPad Mini 3.

Yes. One day, a smug misstep like that will be the start of Apple’s downfall.

iMore: iPad mini 4 evolution

That’s basically a photo comparison of various iPad models.

And I must agree with him: I’m liking the Tyrant Gold color. Trust me, I’m more surprised by that than any of you could ever be.

Previously here:

Let’s Compare iPad Mini 4 And Clones Weights



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3 responses to “Some More About The iPad Mini 4

  1. Robert Jasiek

    It is well possible that last year engineering knowledge did not allow the Mini 4 yet and that now A8X instead of A8 is impossible because of too much power consumption or heat (so that the expected battery duration is maintained). In this case, the problem is not the delay or hardware restriction but is Apple’s missing communication of its hardware design. OTOH, if Apple chooses the designs and hardware components mainly for its Dagobert Duck-like greed, sooner or later this may well fall on Apple’s own feet.

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