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Miscellaneous Tablet Test Notes

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0:

I stopped in Barnes & Noble for another fondle of the Nook Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

That screen is very, very glossy. It’s also harsh for reading. Despite the different screen modes and brightness settings I tried.

B&N has really locked down the two demo units I previously tried after I published this post. That’s not coincidental. Someone panicked. Now I can’t use the button for splitscreen or multitasking and I can’t upload screensnaps to this blog or even email! They also locked down the Notifications swipe-down gesture!

However, they didn’t cut off Install Unknown Sources. So I got evil and downloaded Google Play Books and the Kindle app. Both were a pain to get. The Kindle app came from Samsung’s app store. The Google app from the Play Store — somehow (I had to do some contortions I don’t recall now).

Neither of them would run as-is. Both wanted me to sign into my Amazon and Google accounts before I could try anything. No. I deleted both apps before I left B&N.

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Xiaomi To Do Notebook After All: Asus, Dell, And HP Yawn

GizChina: Xiaomi’s laptop is for real, and Inventec’s making it for them

GizmoChina: Inventec to make Xiaomi’s First Laptop, Starts Shipping By H1 2016

I’m not even going speculate because I really don’t care. If they said it was a Chromebook, my interest would perk up. But another Windows machine — which is the most likely thing — only makes me yawn too.

However, since this is a notebook, it’ll be free of the patent licensing constraints that have held Xiaomi phones mostly in China. Would this be Xiaomi’s major hardware entrance into the U.S.?

Meanwhile, where is the MiPad 2?


Previously here:

MiBook Air? Um…. No.

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First Reviews: Blu Pure XL Superphone

Phone Arena: BLU Pure XL Review

Android Police: Blu Pure XL (2015) Review: Blu’s First Real Flagship Contender Is A Strong One, But Its Future Is Uncertain

But as it stands right now, it’s hard for me to say that with any certainty. Is it a great phone? Yes. Do I recommend it if you only have $350 to spend and want the most phone you can get for the money? Absolutely. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the possibility of staying on Lollipop forever before you make the plunge.

Two videos after the break.

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