A Cranky Post About Chinese Tablets And World-Class Phones

First Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS User Hands on

Warning up front: I have a cold-like thing while typing this and feel miserable and probably shouldn’t be posting this.

And yet …

From that post:

Click = big

I mean, seriously?

I can get that kind of score in a damn mid-range phone now:

Click = big; source

So what the hell makes that Teclast X98 Pro anything resembling Pro?


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4 responses to “A Cranky Post About Chinese Tablets And World-Class Phones

  1. Ian

    It runs hot like a professional kitchen oven: 84 degrees celcius/183.2 Fahrenheit. That is real multitasking: in the morning, you can read the news and bake an omelet with the Teclast x98 pro, simultaneously!


  2. Gorka

    It’s regretful that tablets these days score lower in performance benchmarks than mid range smartphones. My s6 got 63000 in antutu while the x98 pro with 4gb it barely reached to the 45k..just along the lines of my old 1+1..another tablet to skip…

  3. I have one. I’m moderately happy with it in Windows, given that it can finally play games like Civ 5 and their ilk with little issue. However, the excessive heat production is a thing, and while I’m not partial to opening the thing I’m considering the mod that TechTablets suggested,

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