Blog Notes: Media Library Free Space Unlocked


After the first round of pulling off unpublished screensnaps, I haven’t yet moved on to the others.

Which is fine. Aside from an all-text post, I have nothing else for today.

China is having National Day and there’s no news from there.

Previously here:

Blog Notes: Nine Damn Years
Blog Notes: Oops.


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6 responses to “Blog Notes: Media Library Free Space Unlocked

  1. E.T.

    Aren’t there WordPress plugins or other utilities that can scan your blog for the largest images?

  2. Have been offline for the past few days. This is awful! What is the long-term plan? Hoping it won’t be to pull the plug at the end of the year. Now that you’ve reached 9, you should stay at least one more year, and a few tens of MB isn’t going to last for that long. Did you find an alternative? Does WordPress allow you to embed images hosted on another site without copying them into your media library? I can’t remember.

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