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Microsoft 2015

I’ve been banging my fist on the table for a tablet with a terabyte of storage for years now.

Just not at this damn price


And the hell of technology is that in about ten years, that’ll be US$269 and be considered low-end.

Microsoft’s announcements look exciting but the reality is often a letdown.

Still, I’d like to do a Google Books PDF test even on the cheapest one, just to see. Microsoft will be opening a store in NYC shortly. Even so, trying to use something other than what’s already installed — hello, Adobe Reader X — will likely be impossible.


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eBook Device Sales Drop In No Surprise

Waterstones is removing Kindles from stores

Waterstones is removing Amazon’s Kindle devices from many of it stores as sales “continue to be pitiful”.

Why is this any surprise?!

People have large phones to read on.

And better tablets.

When — and if — they read at all something other than narcissistic IMing.


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The Player: Episode Two


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The Blacklist: Season Three, Episode One


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Doctor Who: Under The Lake


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HP Shitbook Triage

Compaq CQ60-615DX Turning On problems


That worked. Even though this is a Compaq CQ60-422DX.

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Signal Reacquisition!


Notebook problem solved — for now.

Stand by as I try to play catch-up.

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