eBook Device Sales Drop In No Surprise

Waterstones is removing Kindles from stores

Waterstones is removing Amazon’s Kindle devices from many of it stores as sales “continue to be pitiful”.

Why is this any surprise?!

People have large phones to read on.

And better tablets.

When — and if — they read at all something other than narcissistic IMing.



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2 responses to “eBook Device Sales Drop In No Surprise

  1. Lots of things at play here.

    Traditional Brick and Mortar is dying AFA device sales. They have become de facto showrooms for online retailers or stores that do it better/ add value. No good reason to buy a Kindle from anywhere but Amazon. No good reason to buy an iphone from anyone but Apple, etc. Word of mouth is the best vehicle for book sales and hands on impressions are the best vehicle for device sales. Brick and Mortar does a terrible job at both.

    Publishers are killing the golden goose in favor of stupid hardcover and paperbacks and ripping off writers. Independent self-publishers are killing it on Amazon according to them, while traditional publishers are doing a happy dance that their e-books with new jacked up prices and no advertising are selling as badly as discount hardcovers that are all over the place in stores.

    Monochrome E-ink reader market is reaching saturation and the lack of a game-changing color e-ink device are going to slowly kill sales by a thousand cuts. A color e-ink device the size of the Kindle DX and thickness of the Paperwhite with touch controls could sell a ton if they pushed the durability and battery life as well. I have my kindle app and comics apps on all my phones and devices in addition to my Paperwhite. I’m reading whenever there’s a spare minute, but until there’s a color e-ink device that will accommodate comics, documents and magazines, I’m probably not going to upgrade before my current kindle dies because there’s no reason to.

  2. I know several people (many of whom have more than one smartphone and tablet) who prefer to read on their Kindle or Kobo. I agree this market segment is rather marginal though.

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