The Blacklist: Season Three, Episode One


This is not a good sign:


I hope that was done in order to give him a raise under different accounting rules. Because I’ve seen series after series ruined once the star becomes an Executive Producer and then makes “suggestions” about how the damn series should go. Spader, just STFU and read the lines!



This entire Lizzie-As-Russian-Spy-Spawn is ridiculous. I’m not buying it at all. They’ve jumped the damn tracks. All I can do is hope it’s a big red herring. Even so, it’s a waste of time and tedious to follow.

At least we got Red’s charm again …


But this bit was creepy as all hell …



… especially since every viewer still believes that Lizzie is his daughter!

And this bit irked me:



Seriously? Dembe just shoots a guy and it’s an everyday occurrence? No complaint from his employer along the lines of, “Do you know how much that’s going to cost to clean up? Dahyum!” The writers need to pay more attention to real world shit instead of stupid Daughter-Of-Russian-Spy bullshit — which I’m still not buying.

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One response to “The Blacklist: Season Three, Episode One

  1. Keishon

    *smh* that entire episode was ridiculous. Can you just jump over the embassy fence like that without getting shot? Not sure if I am going to continue watching this silly ass show. That Red charm you alluded to barely registered.

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