Limitless: Episode Three







This show is goofy and has more twists than the average TV script.

And this guy …


… cracks me up.

But now it’s bothering me …



… that I can’t tell when he’s on or off NZT.

And this bit …


… realllllly stretched believability so I looked it up and, hey, it seems it’s actually plausible! Well done to the writers on that point.

And now the Piper has come to be paid:




I’m not hooked, but I am curious. So I’ll go on to watch episode four.

But what’s bothering me overall is why the hell there isn’t any damn credit for Alan Glynn, whose book, The Dark Fields (now retitled Limitless, goddammit), is the father of this damn series — regardless of how they’ve twisted his original intent. He should have a credit — at least “Based on the original idea from the Alan Glynn novel The Dark Fields” or somesuch — and be getting a damn per-episode payment for providing all those damn production jobs.

Glynn has been silent on Twitter about this issue. Perhaps he has a contractual STFU clause, which I would understand. But if the man is not getting paid, that’s just bullshit and needs correction.

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2 responses to “Limitless: Episode Three

  1. cin

    Years of color correcting slides helped me know when the character was on or off NZT. Cool tone = off, warm tone = on.

    If you are interested, I saw a short YouTube today on how filmmakers manipulate emotions using color. Published today (10/11) (youtube address /user/TheVerge/videos).

  2. Kwaku Seniwuoh


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