The Sad End Of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”


What a clusterfuck!

They took a winning formula that garnered huge prime time ratings when Regis Philbin hosted it.

Made it a daily half-hour syndicated show with Meredith Vieira — and then changed the entire format!

Gone was the Money Tree and the suspense. Questions and dollar amounts were randomized. People were no longer rooting for correct answers, they were rooting for the random amount of money won!

Then Meredith left and two one-season hosts appeared who were so bad, even I — a diehard fan — got disgusted and stopped watching.


Now the Money Tree is back, tweaked a bit so people at least have a chance of leaving with five thousand dollars — instead of one thousand.

And the host is a TV personality who is well-suited to this show, Chris Harrison.


So after fixing what was wrong, what did ABC-TV do here locally?

Originally, it aired at 12:30PM. Then they moved it to 2:00PM.

Now it’s at fucking 1:35AM!


WLNY? Who the hell knows what channel that is?

This is the Kiss Of Death for this show.

What a shame.


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