The Player: Episode Three


Now I can’t help thinking they missed an opportunity.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. used to have episode titles like “The Iowa Scuba Affair.”

This series should have titles like, this episode for instance, “The Southwest Sniper Bet.”

Ah well. I know TV these days is against classic opening theme visuals and even episode titles — because the New Gen is so fucking PoMo and shit. But this series reminds me a bit of adventure series from the 1960s, so such titles would slot — ahem — right in.



A bit irritating, seeing this in the third episode …


… because hello episode one:


Find something else!

But I guess they wanted to show us what a badass she is …


… so maybe I’m just too old now, because all I could think of was, “Gravity!”

The plot point that triggered the sniper spree was so ordinary. And that was good. It was entirely plausible.

And so was the wrap-up by The House at the end:


Not so plausible? This:


With Kane being so damn paranoid and careful, you expect me to believe he didn’t have some offline cameras whirring away to capture what happened while he was out?

Um, no.

But maybe he did and that will be revealed in the next episode.


Place your bets.

I’m still liking the series and will continue. And I still advise all of you to catch up!

One loose end …


Man, they corporatized the shit out of her!

Because in the Real Life, she’s this hawt:



Damn. How much spray and gel do they slather on her seXXorz hair?

Yes. I know. Hollywood. Illusion.

And Vegas. Clients.

I’ll shut up about it now.

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