JD.Com Enters Silicon Valley With New Chance To Fuck Up

Alibaba Rival JD.com Opens Its First U.S. Office In Silicon Valley

Wake me up when they get serious.

After making a noise about opening an English-language version of their site, something weird happened a few months ago where the URL led to a Russian-language version!

Now it’s back to English but worse than it was to begin with — and it was pretty bad from the start.

Come on, this is just embarrassing as hell:


Your software is so fucking bad it can’t do math? How can people trust any price totals?

And not everything is being carried:


Just one of the two LeTV phone models.

And Russian is still lingering in listings:


And then the Chinese wonder why they can’t get any real traction outside of their country?

It’s because of sheer fucking incompetency and sloppiness like that.

This is not a site I can recommend to anyone until they really get their shit together.

And even then, they’ll have to prove it.


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