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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Test: ePub Reading

I tried both Aldiko and FBReader.

FBReader I use on my Windows desktop because it’s fast and svelte compared to using others (which, back in the day, were the Sony Reader app, Kobo app, and — god help us all — Adobe Digital Editions).


Aldiko was so slow that I became thoroughly disgusted and didn’t even waste my time with screensnaps. It’s not software I will be using.

FBReader contained an interesting and useful surprise!

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AnandTech Reviews Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 And Has Some Surprises

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review

First, I was very surprised at how in test after test, the Asus ZenPad S 8.0 “Pro/Plus” model performed so well, many times beating the S2.


This only increases my sense of frustration over not — yet? — being able to test that tablet.

Then there’s very bad news …

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Xiaomi Gloves

No, not a joke.



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The Story Behind “The Martian”

I had no damn idea:

1) It was originally self-published
2) It was originally a serial
3) It was once free

Andy Weir and his book ‘The Martian’ may have saved NASA and the entire space program

The story unfolded as a serial over the course of several years. At the request of fans, Weir repackaged it in an e-reader version. Some readers struggled with the downloading process, so Weir then put it on sale at Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing, charging the required minimum of 99 cents per copy. More people downloaded it at that price than had ever downloaded it for free. They gave it positive reviews.

Not a single damn person in my bookish Twitterstream ever mentioned it to me.

And you would think Amazon would have pimped the shit out of it. They fell down on this job!

Podcast page: How Andy Weir Took ‘The Martian’ From Blog to Bestseller to Blockbuster Movie (Starring Matt Damon)

— thanks to @JulietaLionetti


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Limitless: Episode Four


I will start with this at the top: Is writer Alan Glynn getting paid at all for being the father of this series?

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