Limitless: Episode Four


I will start with this at the top: Is writer Alan Glynn getting paid at all for being the father of this series?






Nice set-up. The writer understands human nature and how someone intelligent would quickly become bored as fuck around average people. Or, you know, he could be a fan of The Book of Ecclesiastes (all very smart people are!).





Very, very implausible …


… but clever.

Romanticizing the Pill …



… I wonder how many private message boards are filled with posts along the lines of, “How do I get me some of that shit?!!?”

Which is the exact opposite of what writer Alan Glynn’s original book was about.

They better be giving him some Big Big Money.

Glynn better be able to live all fucking Hollywood for what they’re doing with his book.


Sherlock Holmes in a pill …


… but fundamentally still a flawed human fuck-up like the rest of us. Which is what’s keeping me tethered to this series. So far.

These mice …


… are so CGIed.




I like that she calls him dumb-ass. Realistic.



See, here’s the damn problem. Was he or wasn’t he on NZT when he tried to pull that?

Nice bit by the director:


The one predictable bit …


… we will see more of Arthur as Brian turns to him for help with his NZT problem to escape the clutches of Morra.

Two nice counterpoints:

1) Zhang’s statement while Brian does his thing

2) Brian’s NZT investigation while Rebecca checks out the gallery

Why do I continue to harp on Glynn getting credit and payment? Because ideas are all writers have. It’s our trade. It’s how we try to pay our fucking rent. And to have them taken from us without compensation by the rich is a goddammed atrocity that in a just world would trigger grave punishment.

Listen to Harlan Ellison:

CBS-TV is marketing Limitless as a hit. Let me take a piss on their parade by reminding them their network once aired another series with a pill-popper.


It was called Mr. Terrific.

Here’s the unaired pilot (with a grating 30-second lead-in) that will probably be DMCAed away after CBS’ interns have dredged the Net and come upon this post and printed it out for a Suit to read (yes, they do that; I see all of you watching, like I don’t know?).

So, Craig Sweeny …


… some of us understand where your, um, inspiration for Limitless as a series came from.

Alan Glynn better be getting paid.

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