Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Test: ePub Reading

I tried both Aldiko and FBReader.

FBReader I use on my Windows desktop because it’s fast and svelte compared to using others (which, back in the day, were the Sony Reader app, Kobo app, and — god help us all — Adobe Digital Editions).


Aldiko was so slow that I became thoroughly disgusted and didn’t even waste my time with screensnaps. It’s not software I will be using.

FBReader contained an interesting and useful surprise!

Backgrounds with textures!




Here’s an example that puzzles me:


It didn’t look salmonish like that on the S2 8.0!

When I saw it on the S2, I could tell something was different about the screen, so I clicked through Settings and discovered the options I screensnapped above.

On the S2 screen, there was still white but it was no longer the totally-smooth bleached white of the screen. Once I understood texturing was going on, I looked very close and could see it.

This was a very quick test. It took close to a damn half hour to download the apps and test files at Barnes & Noble. And I was lucky to find one of the two demo Nooks unlocked so I could upload screensnaps.

I have waaaay too many ePub files made from websites, using the dotEPUB extension. FBReader seems to be the software to use to finally get them out of the way.

If you want to play at home, this is the test file shown above and here’s a second one I didn’t screensnap but did try.

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