Blu Pure XL Sales Begin At Amazon



Still trying to catch up on things over here.

Also: A profile of the mysterious guy behind Blu and how much money is involved in their business. This link might require your email address for free access. Do it; worth it.

I’m still waiting to see YouTube videos of opinions from real owners.

Previously here:

Blu Pure XL Superphone Sales Delayed
First Reviews: Blu Pure XL Superphone
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BAM! Blu Products Brings Gionee ELife E8 Superphone To U.S.
Gionee E8 Superphone Gets A Review
Gionee E8 Superphone: US$644.00
Gionee ELife E8: Six-Inch Phone



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4 responses to “Blu Pure XL Sales Begin At Amazon

  1. jasaero

    Well darn…pay wall trying to get to all but the first part and summary of the article on Blu for me now…

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