The Player: Episode Four




That’s about how I felt about this episode:


The side stories were actually more intriguing — and I wonder how long the “missing wife” side story is going to last. What happens to Alex as The Player when that mystery has been solved?


I can’t see it stretching over several seasons. Is this series going to be like Doctor Who, with a different Player each season? That’d be very interesting!


They’ve let her hair down. Good.

What was bad: Using the line, “It’s complicated,” for the second time within the first four episodes!

Possible alternatives:

“We have a relationship of complexities.”

“This isn’t something simple.”

“Welcome to the funhouse mirror. Nothing is what it looks like.”

Says it all:


Like I said, the side stories were more intriguing and interesting.

But I’m still liking it and still recommend everyone catch on and catch up.

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