No MiPad 2: Xiaomi Announces Another Damn TV

I was forced to start the day late due to IRL shit. So glad now. My disappointment is tempered.

See the coverage elsewhere:

GizChina: 60″ Xiaomi Mi TV 3 launched, does 4K for $780

GizmoChina: The Super Thin Xiaomi Mi TV 3 Is official with a stunning 60-inch 4K Panel from LG

Neowin: Xiaomi launches Android-powered Mi TV 3 with 60-inch 4K display for less than $800

Xiaomi also entered the alternate transportation business: Ninebot mini is Xiaomi’s first self-balancing scooter for $315

This company is like the boy who cried wolf. Announce the damn tablet or …

My thinking is that they have to do it soon. Do they want to miss all those 11/11 sales?

Previously here:

Xiaomi’s Pre-Announcement Marketing Highlights Separateness



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3 responses to “No MiPad 2: Xiaomi Announces Another Damn TV

  1. Ric Day

    I must admit, Xiaomi’s product line up is increasingly looking like they are aiming at the Korean electronics firms.

    There are at least two other firms (I believe in Korea) making motorized wheels, but without the “Segway” handlebars. A new neighbour of mine has both, brought with him from Korea after the summer holidays.

    A few weekends back my sister-in-law returned from a visit to Hong Kong carrying a Large-screen Xiaomi cellphone she had purchased in Shenzhen. Said it was very popular with those who couldn’t afford iPhones. I didn’t see it until she and her husband were departing (they live in Calgary), so I got about 30 seconds of “play time.” Seemed reasonably solid.

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