No Other Posts Today

I have a personal emergency.

My LifeDrive screen has gone all streaky and will show none of my data.

On the XP box with Palm Desktop, the last HotSync was February 2014.

That’s because PalmOneSyncEng.dll mysteriously disappeared and syncs would no longer work.

I’m now on a Win 7 notebook and must make Palm Desktop sync to try to retrieve my stranded data.

If I can get it into Palm Desktop, I can start the process of rescuing the data for another device.

Suggestions welcomed!

Update Tuesday October 20 2015: All LifeDrive data successfully synced to Windows 7 notebook. And I have suggestions for migrating it to Android — when I can damn well finally buy something.



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2 responses to “No Other Posts Today


    If you want to stay stuck in the past. Or you could…just get a Galaxy Note 4 or 5 and catch up with the rest of us.

    Good luck getting your data!

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