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Limitless: Episode Five


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Tim Cook Is In China Again



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The Ramos MOS1 Max Phone Is Next Week


Despite the fact this probably won’t work outside of China, it still interests me because phones with six-inch (and slightly above) screens are rare. Sony dropped the ball in this area. Even the new Nexus 6P is a lousy 5.7 inches instead of a full six! And where the hell is the rumored Axon Max with its six-inch screen?

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Ramos MOS1 Max Phone To Do Splitscreen
Ramos Teases Mos1 Max Phone

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Onda V919 Air CH Unboxed


Over at the Onda BBS [Google Translate]. Beware of astroturfing!

Another post shows system screens, purporting to prove this is a full 64-bit CPU [Google Translate].

As post photos will show, this is a ridiculous tablet design, with wide black borders around the screen. Why didn’t Onda bite the damn bullet and narrow it in all those dimensions? The hell with matching the iPad dimensions for ease of getting cases.

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Onda V919 Air CH Announced
Onda V919 Air CH To Be Announced 10/14

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