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Bad News About Asus ZenPad S 8.0 “Pro/Plus” Model, Good News About Insignia Flex Elite 7.85

The latest version of the B&H listing:


This bit wasn’t in the original listing:


Online-only sales? Not good at all. And it’s not listed at Best Buy, either.

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Sony CLIE Lifeboat

June 2nd, 2007: LifeDrive Notes: The Changing Of The Guard


Eight years later, I’m back to that CLIE. Miraculously, the battery not only can hold a charge, it seems to have lost none of its stamina.

Going back to a monochrome green 160 x 160 screen is a real trip.

But with Palm OS 3.x, I’m using X-Master and have my wonderful productivity-enhancing hacks back that Palm OS 5.x on the LifeDrive robbed me of.

I still haven’t transferred crucial data from the LifeDrive to the CLIE yet. No Memory Stick card reader/writer here! But the LifeDrive info is safely backed-up, so there’s that. For now.

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First Review: Thunderbirds 1965


Thunderbirds 1965 Premiere Report

“Does it still look the same?” And, as the familiar opening sequence gives way to newly-shot footage, it’s no understatement to say it is utterly impossible to spot the join. This is a CGI-free zone, full of backdrop paintings, heavy-looking model spacecraft and polystyrene snowscapes. The effects are practical, the fire is real and — yes — the strings are very much attached. Stephen La Rivière and his Slough-based band of perfectionists have recreated the spirit of AP Films with the very finest attention to detail.

Two videos after the break.

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Apple Sony Versus Sony Sony

A loose end I’ve been meaning to tie up one day. Today is that day.



Haggling Over ‘Sony Phone’ Precedes Jury Selection for Apple v. Samsung
Sony Xperia C4 site

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