OPPO To Do Six-Inch Phone


A couple new OPPO phones just got TENAA certified

The R7s Plus will be, as you might’ve guessed, an extension to the R7 series that OPPO has been aggressively pushing in the market of late. It’ll be an upgrade to the OPPO R7s (which just went live a few days back) with an interesting specs set — there’ll be an octa-core 1.5GHz processor (most likely the Snapdragon 615), 3GB of RAM, a 6-inch AMOLED 1920 x 1080p FHD display, 32GB on-board storage, Android 5.1.1-based ColorOS ROM, a 13 mega-pixel rear camera and an 8 mega-pixel front facing camera.

If the 6-inch screen isn’t indication enough, dimensions of 158.18×82.3×7.75 mm confirm that the R7s Plus won’t really be a petite device.

What Sony has failed to do, the Chinese will do. Just as I’ve been saying.

And as for that Sony Xperia C5 Ultra with a six-inch screen that Sony won’t release in the U.S.? There might be a very good reason if an Amazon customer review is true. The phone is a lemon!

Part of an Amazon customer review of the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra:

I gave this phone 3 stars mainly because of 2 reasons really. The phone lags for the most part very often. I don’t know if it’s the processor (media tek) or the 2 gb ram but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have some delay opening an app or writing a text. Resetting the phone helps for period of time but it goes back to lagging within a few hours. Don’t get me started on the camera. The camera takes good quality pictures in the front and back as it has 13mp on both sides and flash on both sides, but it takes a awhile to open the camera. When I say awhile I don’t mean a few seconds. I mean like 5 to 10 seconds. Try waiting that long when you need to instantly capture that moment. It’s an eternity. But like I said, when the camera does appear it takes very good quality pics. I have no complaints about that. I believe part of the reason this phone lags so much is that it heats up so quickly. If I take the C5 and use it from an idle position where it has no heat on the backside, I can heat the phone up with opening up a few apps. The phone gets rather hot. That contributes to the lag in the operating system. I constantly wonder why this phone gets hot so quickly.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I note the upcoming OPPO but don’t want it. Snapdragon 615? Pass!


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