Nook Glowlight Plus Notes #1

Bad news out of Twitter …

Let’s wait for more confirmation about Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and library books. If it can’t do either, Barnes & Noble’s Nook people have shot themselves in the face.

And there’s a Comment by Albert over at the Good e-Reader site:

It’s not really that simple.You can root the Glowlight Plus all you want, but you will not be able to get around a few hard realities: namely the Eink display is limited to 16 shades of grey, and the refresh rates are also etched in stone at 450s in those 16 shades.

That means about two frames per second. Therefore there won’t be any gaming, with any kind of animation, and there won’t be any videos. At best you can try to run your own choice of ereader software, such as Kindle if that is your choice, or Moonreader Plus (the best of the open readers). Any browsing will be stuck in those two limitations as well: two frames per second, and only 16 shades of grey.

And a spec sheet comparison from this site:


Meanwhile, over the XDA Developers forum, they progress — faster than anything that was happening with the Insigina Flex Elite 7.85, an actual tablet!

If this Glowlight Plus is too difficult to root — if it needs to be physically opened to accomplish it — then Barnes & Noble’s Nook people will have held a pillow over the Nook’s head and smothered it. They will have released a dead body into the world.

Lastly, an unboxing.

Same-day update: Barnes & Noble admits there are issues with Adobe Digital Editions and promises an update:

Previously here:

Nano-Fondle: New Nook Glowlight Plus

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