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Books Versus Tech

The horrors of Kindle Format X

The problem with Amazon’s Kindle platform has always been that it has been designed and maintained by people who, quite evidently, do not understand books. The device and its firmware has been designed by Lab126, a company that specializes in handheld devices, and the name, Lab126, could not be more fitting, because everything about the Kindle has felt like something put together by lab rats, from day one; people with no sense of the real-world application of their devices. I would not be surprised to hear that the engineers at Lab123 have never really read a book on a Kindle or tried to format one, for that matter.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

What’s even worse: Most readers don’t understand books.

They might notice it doesn’t look exactly like a “real” book and that some weird things happen with sub- or super- scripts or fractions, but otherwise they live with it for the sake of both convenience and because they’ve already sunk money into a damn device (be it a Kindle or iPad or anything else that will run the Kindle app).

I still think Microsoft’s LIT format was beautiful.

Although, these days, eBooks look best from the iBookstore on an iPad. Although that contains horrors of its own too.


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Applause For Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman on bringing books ‘back to life’

Oh, I was one of the skeptics. But I didn’t understand what her goal was.

What I’ve seen every damn year, though, is a sale at Amazon with titles that make me go, “I want that and that and that and oooh yes that one too” — and they all turn out to be eBooks from Friedman’s company, Open Road Integrated Media.

She wins. She rules.

Anyone who wants to do eBooks should study her company.


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Supergirl: Episode One


Apparently it finally aired last night.

I saw it back on May 22, 2015: Supergirl: The Leaked Pilot

See that post.

Also see: Elite Beat Roundtable: Is CBS’s new SUPERGIRL show hot or not?

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Nook Glowlight Plus: Hidden Browser Trick Works?

I’ll have to go back to B&N today and try this.

I just haven’t kept up and there’s a new way to invoke the browser trick the Nook Simple Touch had.

See the video after the break.

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Google Books Takes A Turn For The Worse

What the hell is this at the Google Books home page?!!?

Click = big

I don’t want that shit. I want the regular page it’s had for ages!

Where the hell do people even start if they just want to browse and explore?!

That’s not welcoming at all. It’s like a locked door!

And it gets worse!

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Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #3

With this post, I add the word “rooting” to the title since that’s the objective.

Oh. My. God. Talk about being “all-in,” Renate at XDA Developers certainly is:


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NBC: No-Brains Comcast

‘The Player’ Order Trimmed To 9 Episodes By NBC

NBC has moved in to cut the order to freshman drama The Player from 13 to 9 episodes. The series, from Sony Pictures TV, is currently filming Episode 9, so production will stop when it wraps. The show will continue to air in its Thursday 10 PM slot.

Would I have given it entire posts if it wasn’t worth watching?!

This is the first genuinely interesting and novel series on TV this season.

And Wesley Snipes!

You do not fuck with the return of Wesley Snipes, goddammit.

Then this network will turn around and wring its hands and wonder how it can woo people from the Internet back to TV.


Don’t let the idiots at Comcast — the disgusting monopolistic owner of NBC — discourage any of you. Go catch on and catch up!

— thanks to Martin in Comments for the heads-up

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