NBC: No-Brains Comcast

‘The Player’ Order Trimmed To 9 Episodes By NBC

NBC has moved in to cut the order to freshman drama The Player from 13 to 9 episodes. The series, from Sony Pictures TV, is currently filming Episode 9, so production will stop when it wraps. The show will continue to air in its Thursday 10 PM slot.

Would I have given it entire posts if it wasn’t worth watching?!

This is the first genuinely interesting and novel series on TV this season.

And Wesley Snipes!

You do not fuck with the return of Wesley Snipes, goddammit.

Then this network will turn around and wring its hands and wonder how it can woo people from the Internet back to TV.


Don’t let the idiots at Comcast — the disgusting monopolistic owner of NBC — discourage any of you. Go catch on and catch up!

— thanks to Martin in Comments for the heads-up

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