Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #3

With this post, I add the word “rooting” to the title since that’s the objective.

Oh. My. God. Talk about being “all-in,” Renate at XDA Developers certainly is:



The connector I installed on the back of my Nook is a standard 0.1″ (actually 2.5mm) pitch JST XH connector.

It is actually soldered directly to the back of the Nook’s PCB.

I drilled first through the unoccupied holes of the PCB into the frame to transfer the position.

A bit more drilling and filing and I had the rectangular hole in the back of the Nook for the connector to poke out of.

So far, there is no joy.

Last night I went through the 99-paged Nook Glowlight Plus manual that was on the device. It’s a PDF.

My god! That screen! It is lust-tastic. I was shocked at the resolution and how I could see and read even the teeniest type in that PDF without any problems. It is sharp! And that backlight isn’t at all harsh, like a regular tablet. I won’t have to dick around with any Bluelight Filter app or other settings.

I discovered a few things in that manual:

1) Why the Nook Glowlight Plus won’t work with Adobe Digital Editions. Well. duh. It’s so elementary it didn’t even occur to me. Barnes & Noble has zero Adobe licensed software in the device. Which leads to:

2) There’s zero mention of borrowing public library books. Again: Barnes & Noble has zero Adobe licensed software in the device. That means this Nook uses only Barnes & Noble’s mutant DRM and has nothing to support anything by Adobe. No Adobe DRM, hence no Adobe Digital Editions. I’m skeptical of an update that will include Adobe software. That would require B&N to pay royalties.

3) Resetting the Nook is accomplished by holding down the Power button for ten seconds, releasing it, then pressing it again for two seconds. I was soooo tempted to try that but didn’t want to somehow mess up the demo device.

4) Also on the Well, Duh! front, the Nook can read PDFs (obviously). This is why I tried the browser trick. I wanted to see if I could get to my blog to download a Google Books test PDF. FAIL.

5) There are no buttons aside from the Power button and the N (Nook) button. And yet my own experience has been that if I press on the right-side bezel in a certain position, I’ve gotten page turns. It turns out that’s not a button at all. That’s bad design and construction! Some of the touch layer must be in contact with the right-side bezel and putting pressure on it will fool it into thinking the screen has been touched!

6) Plugging the Nook into a PC will have it show up as a mass storage device, showing its file directory. Documents — non- Adobe DRMed ePub eBooks (right now) and PDFs — are placed in the folder that’s called, I think, My Files. Users are cautioned that Windows might squawk about a driver being needed, but no driver is. There’s more about moving files over at their FAQ:

Click = big

7) Software updates can also be done by transferring the ZIP file from a PC (or Mac) to the Nook. This could be the way for a rooting method to get around the lack of a microSD card slot.

8) Barnes & Noble doesn’t seem to offer an option to not register the Nook. It’s even in their damn FAQ page:

Click = big

I’m certain that with the Nook Simple Touch, there was a way to not register it and still use it. Unfortunately, I can’t find that info in this blog, if I mentioned it. And I’m not sure if I believe B&N about having to register. They say the same thing about the Simple Touch but I’m certain that could be bypassed.

I find this info in their FAQ a bit ironic:

Click = big

I looked closely at all available Nook — all model — accessories last night. There was no AC adapter for the Glowlight Plus on sale! Just the one for the Simple Touch.

Lastly, two more things:

1) The specs for the Glowlight Plus and the S2 8.0 Nook tell me I’m wrong. The first weighs 6.9 ounces, the second is 9.4 ounces. But the Glowlight still feels heavier to me.

2) The B&N site is fucked. Go on, click the link on this page and see what you get. This company just doesn’t care.

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3 responses to “Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #3

  1. The copy of the user guide I found on the B&N website mentions Adobe copyright and trademarks several times.

  2. Yes. The manual on my Plus mentioned Abobe in the copyright/trademark section.

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