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Nook Glowlight Plus: Skipping Registration Needed

I finally found my reference to skipping what’s called the OOBE — Out Of Box Experience — of having to register the older Nook Simple Touch. It was at XDA Developers: [Q] Skip the initial setup.

But that method seems to have been deprecated, according to unclelobsterman at the Mobileread forum:

Just received mine yesterday. Handsome unit. Has anyone figured out how to skip the registration / OOBE (out of box experience)? I (foolishly) called Nook support. They hung up on me when I asked…twice. It’s really easy on previous editions but this is entirely new hardware. The Nook button plus the top swipe doesn’t do anything.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

WTF, Nook Support! Hanging up on a customer?

So, we have to wait for that now too.

Hey, is there anyone at Barnes & Noble or Nook, Inc. reading this? Throw us a damn bone! Or do you want this device to wind up at a job lot store for US$20 in three months — just like the Simple Touch model did at Radio Shack!

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Ramos Announces A Robot



Here’s a robot from Ramos you (probably) want to take home for no reason

Go on. Tell me again how these are “tablet companies.”

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Chinese Tablets? Next!

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Ramos MOS1 Max Phone: US$440

RAMOS MOS 1 Max announced full specifications

I’ll just let PadNews give the deets in a short Weibo, which is all this is worth to me:


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Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #4

Things seemed to have stalled over at XDA Developers.

If the Nook people are taking that as a sign of victory against the 3Vi7 haXXorz, I hope they wind up sleeping on the streets in cardboard boxes some day. Preventing people from modifying a device for full use is shameful. And Barnes & Noble can increase their damn eBooks sales any time just by dropping their mutant DRM. Punishing buyers is a fast way to go out of business. Mazel Tov with that.

This post will be about my latest one-hour(!) session with the Nook Glowlight Plus at a local Barnes & Noble last night.

I tried every damn trick I could think of to coax the Nook into going to a website. No joy. They’ve locked up that sucker [as I was still editing this post, I discovered new information I put in a separate post: Nook Glowlight Plus Has The Browser Trick!]. But I hope my own discoveries make for interesting reading for those thinking about the device.

First, I decided to call up the User Guide. Because I remembered it had links in it. I tried the links before and they didn’t work. But I figured maybe I missed a setting that could turn them on. No.

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Nook Glowlight Plus Has The Browser Trick!

Via Mobileread forum from dnastase:

Based on a similar trick for the NG [Nook Glowlight] found how to access the builtin browser (I was wrong, there is one). It’s not practical, but in case one needs it, it may be worth it:

– go in a book

– try to share on Facebook

– in the dialog that pops up to login press “Help Center”

– a browser will pop up

That does me no good. The Nook demo models at Barnes & Noble aren’t linked to any Facebook account, so the Share icon is grayed-out as unavailable.

And I don’t think I want to try to set up a phony account.

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Nook Touch Has Hidden But Functional Web Browser


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iPad Sales Continue To Fall: I Blame Tim Cook

Apple sees iPhone sales grow 22.1% to 48M in Q4 2015, but iPad sales declined 19.5%

Those considering buying iPads, however, were likely trying to figure out if they want the new iPad Pro or even the iPad mini 4. Tablet sales in general haven’t been doing well, a trend that Apple has not been able to counter with the iPad. In fact, iPad sales have been falling for more than a year now, and this is the first quarter Apple has sold under 10 million iPads since Q4 2011.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The iPad was supposed to usher in a new computing paradigm, a new way for people to interact with a device. In fact, it was supposed to be something as world-changing as the original Macintosh.

That revolution seems to have come to an abrupt halt.

I can understand Android tablet sales plummeting. The market was flooded with tablets that were low-cost and absolute shit — thank you for your greed and contempt for your customers, Borders Books, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart — but the iPad still falling?

I think at this point it’s fair to point the finger at another factor.

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